Hey y'all!

Im a goofball, I laugh at fart jokes and love pizza, 

I will do anything to make you feel comfortable!  one time I even dressed up in a dinosaur costume to break the ice - another time I put on a lingerie outfit the entire session with my fuzzy sloth socks on because it made the client feel more comfortable seeing me look ridiculous! ;)   I AM FULL OF LOVE! and patience and I will be your ULTIMATE HYPE girl!! 

I have been featured in magazines, been on the news, went viral and even hosted my own ART gallery in Woodway, TX at the Carleen Bright Arboretum .




My love for photography flourishes on my passion for art and design.

I am inspired by beautiful light and genuine love. I get giddy with excitement when these two blend together.



 Boudoir doesn’t just empower you, it empowers me, too. It empowers my two daughters! 

It gives me the chance to go beyond words.


I could say to each of you “you’re beautiful”,

but let’s be honest, nine times out of ten, you won’t believe me.


I am privileged enough to get behind the lens of a camera and capture images so beautiful and so powerful that it can bring tears of joy to a woman’s eyes.


I get to be a part of the process of showing, not telling, a woman how truly remarkable she is.


I get to see women truly believe in their worth, their strength, and their beauty, and I gotta say, I couldn’t imagine doing anything more magical


I studied Psychology at Texas State, but my real passion is photography, I am so thankful that I can pursue my dream as my career. 

My daughters have brought me more joy than I ever imagined possible. My life is rich because they are in it. I want to show them and teach them to love the bodies that they have!